Let's just say it: overdraft fees suck. Your account is already low, and then your bank goes and charges you more.

To fight them, Joy Savings won't make a Daily Save if you have less than $25 in your checking account. But that doesn't mean they still can't happen. If they do, try any of these 2 things.

How to get overdraft fees waived

Turn off Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection lets you make withdraws from your checking account for amounts larger than what's currently in your account. They then charge a fee. If you turn it off, your bank won't approve the transaction and you won't get charged a fee. Easy Peasey.

Get it Waived

If you've already gotten charged an overdraft fee, call or go to your bank. When you've got them on the phone or are there face-to-face, here's what to do. Plus, a script!

  1. Introduce yourself as a loyal customer, including how many years you’ve been with them.
  2. Tell them about the fee and ask to have it waived.
  3. If they say no, emphasize again your loyalty and how you want the fee waived.
  4. If this still doesn’t work, ask to speak to a supervisor and repeat steps 1 through 3.
  5. Call back again in a week if your fee still wasn’t waived.

Fee Waiver Script

“Hi, I saw I was recently charged a fee for (overdraft, late payment, etc.), and I'd like to have it waived.”
No"I've been a loyal customer of (bank name) for (time with the bank). I'm a good customer. Please, can you wave the fee?"
No"Really? You can't wave this fee? I like your bank but I can put my money anywhere. Can you wave this fee?"
No"Can I talk to your manager or supervisor?"
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